There’s No Easy Way Out

I’m stuck, and I don’t know the way out. I’m taking my meds. I have a therapy session scheduled for next week. I’ve been in contact with my case worker. I see a psychiatrist at the public clinic, so I can’t just walk in and see him.

I feel lousy. I am sleeping all the time. My dreams are filled with danger and anger and being lost. Last night, I dreamt that I lost a gun. (I haven’t owned a gun since my Red Ryder BB gun in elementary school.) In another part of the dream, I was trying to have dinner out with family, and we were being led through a labyrinth to our table which we never reached. Finally, I had to tame a dragon tied to the top of a tower. There were ways to approach it that were safe, but there was no way to tame a flame-throwing beast.

I think the meaning is pretty simple. I’m angry. I’m lost. There’s something eating away at me that I can’t control.

Thankfully, this will pass.

One thought on “There’s No Easy Way Out

  1. I don’t know all of what you are dealing with, but I am sending you love and light and some threads of peace to maybe start weaving themselves into the fabric of your inner battles.

    You are loved. There are no dragons of which you need to rid this place. It is all attended to. As you wait for more specialized help, know that love and light are being sent to you and that yes, indeed, this WILL pass.

    One breath at a time.

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