Sound the trumpets. Blow the horn. Dr. Seuss would say to blat your snarzle. I’m feeling better.

I needed a good day in the sun to start feeling better, and I got it today. I got out of my bed and volunteered with a local charity that I dearly love. I was in a park all day long. I forgot to put sunscreen on my  legs, so those are beet red now, and I love the pain. It’s glorious.

I’m going to hang onto this feeling for at least 2 more days, because our project lasts that long.

Getting out into the sun was a godsend for me. It broke the cycle of endless sleep that I was trapped in. It shattered the cobwebs that had formed in my head.

I moved house a month ago, and I’ve been feeling blue ever since. When I look at it, one of the reasons is because I can’t get to my favorite park as easily to do my daily walk. Well, I’m just going to have to figure out how to get to that park or a new place to walk, because I feel great. I’m getting back into the exercise game, and I’m not quitting.

If you’re feeling blue, sit in the sun. Try it. Just try it.

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