Feeling better

Feeling better is what it’s all about. I’m happy to report that I feel much better than my last post of a month ago. I’m working closely with my therapist in overcoming the issues at hand, I’m still taking my medication daily, I’m dedicated to meditating daily, and I’ve started exercising again. It’s this last one that seems to have everyone so excited. I honestly think it’s simply because it means I’m taking matters into my own hands.

Taking responsibility for my mental health is also an important part of feeling better. I can’t sit around all day whining about how rotten my life is. I’ve got to get up and do something for myself. Simple chores become moments of winning. I made 2 phone calls today that I’d been dreading, and everything went fine. I’ll do the dishes after I finish this short post, and getting my hands in the sudsy water will help me feel better, too.

I have a lot of friends who really helped me through this rough time, and I have some great caregivers. I’m grateful for them all. They help me feel better, too.

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