Action is the keyword

When I’m feeling down, I find that physical activity lifts my spirits. It can be as simple as brushing my teeth. It can be washing the dishes (see my post on this blog about “Meditative Dishwashing”). A walk does wonders, even if it’s just to the end of the driveway to check the mailbox. Taking action on my own behalf always helps me.

I recently found the wherewithal to start exercising again. It’s simple stuff I do at home, but I can tell you that the act of moving muscles stretches my brain, too. I put up a Christmas tree with some help, and the socialization and the act of beautifying my little house profoundly affected my mood.

No matter how small try moving around when you feel blue. It helps me.

3 thoughts on “Action is the keyword

  1. Oh I love this! I’ve been playing with the idea of just committing to fifteen minutes per day of exercise – I want to start yoga but it really scares the hell outa me for some reason, lol. I love the idea of making a lovely home even more decorative with lovely people around, and walking around in this gorgeous sunshine. Doing dishes? Dude, you got me there. Your meditative dish washing still eludes me. I admire you for it though. hehe

    Blessings to your wonderful self!

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