Mental Health and Hope

I am excited about an article I just read in the New York Times. Here is the link:

NY Times article on mental illness and hope

I hope you can find the time to read the article. It’s got a lot of the same things that I’ve been saying with this blog.

We with mental illness can help ourselves through a variety of measures. There’s exercise. There’s meditation. There’s medication. There’s eating nutritional food.

The man in this article uses many means to deal with his issues. I hope we all can.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health and Hope

  1. I loved what the wife said to him when he was contemplating suicide… ‘Joe, I know you feel like quitting, but what if tomorrow is the day you get what you want?’

    How many times have we said in the program, “Don’t leave 5 minutes before the miracle occurs”?

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