A Dream

I had an odd dream this morning just before I woke up. I was in a train that was going the wrong way. I decided to take matters into my own hands and took control of the train. I stopped it and started it going the right direction. However, my sight ahead on the tracks was limited to a tiny peephole in the front of the control room.

Sure enough, there was someone else on the same tracks that I couldn’t see, and we crashed. What was humorous was they were driving those long skinny cars used for what were called drag races when I was growing up.

If I had to guess what the dreams might mean, I’d say that I’d better make sure I have clear vision before I go my own way, or I might run into some surprises.

I saw my psychiatric prescribing nurse this week. She’s moved into a new office, and it was my first time there. We talked about the normal things like medication and such, and I brought up that I’m having some benign auditory hallucinations. I’m hearing chords of music. It’s nothing that makes any sense or has any meaning. It’s just descending scales of sound. It actually woke me up one night, and I had to go to the open window to make sure I wasn’t hearing something from a neighbor. I wasn’t. It was just me.

I take this to mean that I need to be diligent in my medication regimen. Like the dream, if I were to suddenly stop taking my medication, there would be some surprises.

I feel lucky to live in the time that I do. I’m glad that there is medication to help me with my mental illness.

2 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. Never rule out the possibility that the dream meant you should cut back on your intake of spicy foods right before bedtime. lol I was on a layover last week, and I kept dreaming that the alarm had gone off and that I had waked up, shut it off, and rolled over and gone back to sleep. I kept waking up in a panic thinking that I had overslept. This went on all night long every hour or so. No more Yankee chili for me at supper. (I should have known better anyway,)

    I too am glad that we live in an age where there is medication that works for you. You are important to me.

    • And you’re very important to me, too.

      It’s funny what we dream about. I often hear knocks on the front door in the middle of the night. I used to get up to answer it only to realize there was, of course, no one there. Hmm. Come to think of it, I should probably bring that up at my next appointment.

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