Middle age

A year or two ago, I bought my first pair of reading glasses from the drug store rack. They’re not very strong, but I needed them. I’ve worn contacts for decades and glasses before that, so this was just another step in general aging. I couldn’t see the print on the page with my contacts in.

I don’t wear my glasses much since I wear contacts. I only wear the glasses early in the morning or late at night. Still, when I want to read a book in bed, it’s a problem. With just the single-vision glasses, I couldn’t read.

My optometrist called me a week or two ago and reminded me that it had been 4 years since my last eye exam. I took the opportunity and made an appointment. The result was as expected: I needed bifocals.

As of today, I am the proud owner of a beautiful pair of bifocals. I came home from the optician’s shop and took out my contacts to put on my new glasses. The results are wonderful. I made a salad for dinner, and I could see it as I ate it. Astounding.

It’s a small thing, but I did all this on my own without help from my caseworker or anybody else. I did it.

I realize this signals I’m right at the cusp of middle age, but I’m still glad I was able to take care of it for myself.

One thought on “Middle age

  1. Fear not, my dear friend. The real reason people fear middle-age is because they think of it as the opening act of old age. Old age has nothing to do with bifocals, wrinkles, gray hair, or memory loss. Old age is when the phrase, “I need to eat a little something so I can take my pills,” enters your conversation. And, the worst part is you find yourself saying it out loud as if other people would care.

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