Job Training

I have written a couple of posts on this blog about a job I applied for. It’s called a Peer Specialist. I began to toy with the idea of working a year ago. I applied for the training program 6 or 7 months ago. I was accepted for that training 4 or 5 months ago only to have it delayed to the new year.

Now it’s the new year, and I finally have the schedule in hand. I will be certified to work with people just like me, people with mental illness. I honestly don’t know the full capacity of the job yet. I don’t know full extent of the training even. I only know it will take 5 weeks. I am very excited, but I’m also worried.

I tried working in late 2008 and failed miserably. However, that was a high stress job. The one thing I’m certain of in my new endeavor is that I will set my own hours. It will be very part-time. I will not save the world with this new position. I will simply be working one-on-one with others who have a mental illness.

One day at a time, I will stretch and grow in my new job. This field is entirely new for me as a provider. I have only been a consumer. I will be part of the network of support for others.

I will have a chance to pay it forward.

8 thoughts on “Job Training

  1. That work sounds ideal. I have only just begun reading your blog and this is the first time I’ve commented. My brother has bipolar, as does a good friend of mine. She has been living with it for years. She now delivers training to others on self management, so it sounds similar to what you’re about to train to do, except she works with small groups I think. I shall pass on your blog details to her and maybe she’ll make contact. It sounds like she might be able to support/encourage you in your endeavour… and maybe vice versa too. Good luck!

  2. HOORAYHOORAYHOORAYHOORAY!!! You embody exactly what is wanted for this kind of work. You are such a profound encouragement and support to me and to all who know you, IRL and online both.

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