Working Again

I have not had a steady job since early in 2005 due to my mental illness. I have been on disability and not worked at all since 2007. Two weeks ago, I returned from a long trip across many time zones and started working part-time as a certified peer specialist intern within two days.

I have trained for the position, and the internship is shaping up to be a good one. However, I have to inform my readers that I’m exhausted. It leaves me drained. After the first few days on the job, I found myself sleeping ten-hour nights.

I want so much to write about the job, but I’m rebuilding my stamina at this point. I hope you will show me patience. I will return to regular writing as soon as possible.

8 thoughts on “Working Again

  1. congratulations on your new job! at the moment rebuilding your stamina physically, mentally and emotionally. it should be your priority because a lot of challenges are ahead of you: job-wise and
    personal. it is difficult to be bipolar and really be productive because at times you will be thinking in 2 parallel mindset at the same time. concentrating on your task at hand, while entertaining the negative chatter in your mind at the same time. yet, the best is still to come, enjoy your job and your co-workers’ company and be patient with yourself. you’ve gotten to where you are now, and that’s a big accomplishment of strength and will. good luck, we’re always be here.

  2. Well said designconcerto!
    Self-care is essential.
    I love the quote:

    ” Be who you are and say what you feel, because those
    who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” — Dr. Seuss

    The generous honesty, soulfulness and courage
    you share in your blog are beautifully therapeutic.
    I would like you to know even before your officially being
    Certified as a Peer Specialist Intern in mental health — Your blog has
    helped me ( and I’m sure many more)
    You were a Peer Mental Health Specialist from the day you decided
    to share with us here.
    THANK YOU! You deserve pampering! =)
    Enjoy some nurturing “you time”
    Well wishes,

  3. Thanks for the update. It is strange, but after a period of not working, even part-time work seems exhausting at first. I don’t know whether it is the physical or mental discipline and energy expended or a combination of the two that the body and mind have to adjust to once again. Hang in there.

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