Changing Medication

I’m going to try to ease back into blogging regularly by mentioning that I changed medication in October. I was taking two different medicines for bipolar disorder, and those have been replaced with one.

I have had a nice side effect. One of the old medicines caused a great deal of weight gain. Now that I’m no longer on that old one, I am shedding pounds. It’s almost effortless. I think I’m at the end of that stage, though, and any more weight loss will require effort.

I have had some not so nice side effects. I went through a period of irrational, high anxiety, and I’ve experienced general irritability. Both are common with my new medicine. I have an anti-anxiety medicine I can take, but I don’t like to. It makes me sleepy. The irritability is another matter.

I have made an important decision. I have stopped explaining and qualifying my experiences. I am what I am. I feel the way I feel for complex reasons. I have stopped apologizing.

A person with a visible disability is not required to volunteer information. I stop the same. I proclaim my independence from judgement.

6 thoughts on “Changing Medication

  1. So good to see you back, but no pressure… Blog when you have something to say and the time to say it.
    Also, so pleased to read of your decision to stop justifying how you feel. Very assertive and admirable, but a hard habit to kick. Well done for making that commitment.

    • Thank you. I may have punched a hole in the dike of pent up words. I have much to say. I’m not sure I will write a lot soon, though. I’m feeling quite cantankerous, and that might not be the best time to speak.

      • As long as you’re not punching holes in any real-life dykes, it’s fine. LOL!

        As for when to speak, I say just go for it, cantankerous, joyful, silly, sad. They’re all worthy! x

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