Rule of One

I only have to do one thing.

I don’t have to feel completely better all at once.

I don’t have to completely heal all at once.

I can take just one small step toward feeling better and healing.

I don’t have to be cheerful and bubbly if I don’t feel like it.

I can choose to smile for just one second. I can choose to feel that smile on my face for just one second.

This morning I get to take one step forward.

Just one. That’s all I have to do right now. Just one.

3 thoughts on “Rule of One

  1. I’ve been going through these motions recently to. I try and remember that even if you’re not ‘doing’, but you’re planning, its still progress. like, planning for a journey is a part of the process. These are all great things to remember too, so thank you.

  2. These are great things to remember, thank you. I’ve been going through these motions too, so its good to see this. Its hard to remember sometimes, but the planning of the journey is just as much a part of the process as the travelling of the journey, so even if you’re not ‘doing’, and you’re in the planning stages, that’s still progress.

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