I’m walking through stuff. The key to understand is that I’m walking. I’m using the tools I have to cope with what’s going on with me.

What am I walking through? It’s still related to ending a relationship. I’m angry at the whole world at the moment, and I am not going to apologize for that. I’m walking through it on my terms.

Here are my tools:

Meditation: I am doing it multiple times each day. I have a long one early in the morning, and then short ones intermittently throughout the day.

Therapy: I saw my therapist this week. I can call him to arrange more frequent sessions as needed.

Medication: I am taking what’s prescribed to me including the ones prescribed from anxiety as needed.

Exercise: I’m walking on mornings when I’m able.

Sleep: I’m getting as much as I can.

Diet: I’m eating food that good for my health and no junk.

I am taking care of myself and making sure that my mental health is as good as possible.

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