Goodbye to A and Hello to Unkown

Phooey! I got a call from my caseworker late this afternoon. There are changes happening where I get my mental health services. One of the changes is that my caseworker — let’s call him “A” — will not be with me after the first of the month. In a matter of days, I will have a new caseworker.

“A” has been a staunch supporter, ally, cheerleader, confidant, and friend to me. One time, my insurance declined to provide authorization for a certain medicine my doctor prescribed for me, and “A” got involved. He called them, got straight to the point, listed all my symptoms as to why I needed this particular drug, and did not take no for an answer. The call lasted approximately 30 minutes. He is fearless and unstoppable when it comes to getting what his clients need.

“A” is a genuinely good man. He cares about his clients. He introduced me to the job that I currently do.

He changed my life.

Thank you, “A”.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye to A and Hello to Unkown

  1. Sorry to hear that ” A” is moving on. Perhaps you will remain good friends forever and your bond may actually grow as a result of the change in dynamics.

  2. The greatest honor you can bestow upon A is to show him that you can go on without him. Of course, you will miss him. Who wouldn’t? But remember, the best is yet to come.

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