A few weeks ago, I decided to repeat a party I did last year, so I’ve invited some friends over to decorate my Christmas tree. It was fun last year, and I’m hoping this year’s tree-decorating party will be, too.

It’s fun to look forward to little things like this. It makes my mind dance just a little knowing that there’s delight on the horizon.

I was thinking about that dance of delight. It’s good anticipation. It’s hope.

I’ve got hope today that things will go well for me. It feels good. I’m going to revel in this feeling for as long as I can.

This has also got me thinking about hope in general. I think we can generate it for ourselves. It’s possible to plan something for some time in the future and then look forward to it with delightful anticipation. It does not have to be an elaborate event. It can be as simple as deciding that on a certain day will we go to a fast food restaurant and have one of their desserts.

I think the hope comes in the wait to experience the event. It feels good to anticipate these types of good things.

Today, I’m living with the hope of a fun party. Hope lives.

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