Self-Care Now

I’m at work today, but part of my job actually is scrolling through Facebook. I have to look for appropriate material to post about mental health. I’ve got to say much of Facebook brings me down these days. There’s little about hope and recovery. There’s a lot about problems in the world.

Here’s what I’m doing today to nurture myself.

I took a break. I walked down to the cathedral and sat for just a few minutes and released all the negative energy that had built up in me. The walk was good. The sitting was good. The releasing was wonderful. The walk back felt lighter.

I chatted with my boyfriend this morning. I kept the conversation lighthearted. I could have chosen to talk about serious matters, but I kept it light because the amount of negativity in the world is overwhelming right now. We both need a break.

I’ve been chatting regularly as always with my best friend. While we’ve had some serious subjects come up, I’ve been trying to keep that light, too. Again, we both need a break.

I am concentrating on looking forward to this evening when I hope to see my boyfriend. As work issues arise, I remind myself that I have something fun coming later.

These are really small things, but they help me feel better.

I like to hope that we can all find little things to nurture ourselves. It can be as simple as taking a minute to look at pictures of flowers if you’re unable to walk in a garden. Take a walk outside, and breathe deeply for just one minute. Spend time with a pet. If you don’t have a pet, watch funny pet videos on the internet. Read a children’s book.

There’s a new fad: adult coloring books. I highly recommend these. Get one and color to your heart’s content.

Nurture yourself now. You’re worth it.

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